Macclesfield Forest And Shutlingsloe (Cheshire’s Matterhorn)


This walk starts and ends at the car parking area adjacent to The Leathers Smithy Pub SK11 0NE.

When you leave the car parking area walk back towards the reservoir dam oposite the Leather Smithy Pub.  Take the path over the reservoir dam then follow past the overflow.  Turn right uphill into the forest, when you get to the road bare left.
There is a small lay-by on the right a short distance down with a gate.  Pass through then follow the bridleway signed for Shutlingsloe.
After 1 mile the path dips down you will reach a junction, go right here and after a short walk the path to Shutlingsloe is signed to the right.  Follow through too a stile in the wall where you go out onto the heath land and you will see the peak right in front.  This part of the walk is roughly paved as far as the assent to the summit which is very steep going up to the trig point (1660″) and quite hairy coming down the other side.
If you want to miss the peak its no problem about 3/4 of the way you will come across a sign for Wildboarclough take this route through the farmland when you get to the farm road take a right down into Wildboarclough for 100 yrds when you get to The Crag Inn.(skip next 3 paragraphs to carry on).
Towards the end of the path and before the assent you will come to a gate which has to climbed up to via some stone steps in the wall.  Once through carry on gradually climbing to the summit up rough stone steps.
The views of Cheshire and Wales can be seen on a clear day.  Also nearby BOSLEY CLOUD(telecom tower on the top) and SHINING TOR.
To get back down walk across the top away from the trig point here you will find a path down to the field below, beware that the descent does get very steep and slippy even when dry be prepared to come down on your bottom.  You will not be the first
When you get down into the lower field there is a stile crossing a small brook then a short walk to the farm track take a right here and walk downhill into Wildboarclough.  When you get to the main road take a right until you get to The Crag Inn.
The next part of the walk(1 mile) is a very gradual walk uphill through fields (live stock will be in a few of the fields most of the year).  Straight after the Crag Inn car park go through the gate on the right and walk up the path past some gorse bushes.  The path is very well marked out with hi vis bin lids attached to posts where you will go through several fields, gates and walls  until you reach steps in a wall leading onto a farm road.
Take a left and walk down hill until you reach a junction.  Then take a right for about 100 yds and on a bend there is a path following a stream to the right.  Take the path walking through a small valley,cross a small stile then cross the stream over a wooden bridge, here the path goes up hill.
After a short walk a farm building will come into view (Oakenclough) go over the stile and follow to the next stile.  There should be a pond to your right below the house, turn left and approximately 10 yds on the right is a gate with a short climb up to open moorland.  You have now done all the climbing its all down hill from this point.
Follow the path over the moor for 1/2 a mile keeping Shutlingsloe behind you until you get to a stile, which leads down a stone path in a shallow gully until you reach a road and The Hanging Gate Pub.  Turn right (unless you want a stop off) follow the road down for a short while and at the first junction on a tight bend go right.
You are now dropping back down the forest.  Approximately 1/2 mile the road makes a sharp right, take the path on the left through the forest past the reservoir until you reach the Leathers Smithy Pub and the end of the walk.