White Nancy And Kerridge Ridge


This walk is approx 6 miles with a steady climb and starts at  SK10 5AH

This is one of the most worthwhile walks you can do up to the local historic landmark of the area “THE WHITE NANCY” which overlooks the entire area and on a clear day you can see the whole of Cheshire and as far as Snowdonia and the coast at Liverpool and the Wirral.
We will classify this walk as Easy to Moderate but there are 3 ways up but our chosen route  is slightly easier than the  others.
This walk starts on Clarke Lane Kerridge (postcode above).  Take the straight path down from the second bridge on the road down to the Canal towpath and continue on for approximately 1/2 mile until you get to the next bridge at Beehive cottage.(see above pic).
Climb the stone steps and cross the bridge keeping to the right hand farm track for 1 mile until you reach the main road in Kerridge village.
From here you have two options.
1..(Direct route)…Turn Left and walk into the village up to The Bulls Head pub crossing the road here and walking up the road at the side of the pub (Windmill Lane), as far as Redway Cottages where you will find a concreted farm track to the right hand side of the houses.  Walk as far as a metal cow grid here you can either go through the raised gate on the left through the forest (easiest), or go over the cow grid and taking a left up the rough steps to the top.  Both end at the White Nancy.
2…(Easy route)…Go right then immediately cross the road and walk up Higher Lane past the old cottages and past the clock tower at Endon House which used to be visible throughout the village keeping time for the quarry men and farmhands. The road ends here and becomes a path.  Follow the path onto the old driveway up to the gates at the top.
From here you will see the entrance to Endon Quarry over the road cross over and whilst walking towards the entrance there is a metal sign for the footpath on the right.  Take this path up the easy to climb steps until you get to the path on the ridge.  Take a left here and the White Nancy is approximately 1/2 mile away.

Now we are at the White Nancy take in the magnificent views of Cheshire, Manchester and Wales can be seen from here.  Behind the Nancy the village of Rainow and Shining tor in Derbyshire (the large hill) here is a good time for a break.  The rest of the walk is easy going from here.

Walking from here across the field behind the Nancy (locally known as The Racecourse) go through the metal gates and continue along the ridge path remembering to keep to the path and dogs on a lead as there is livestock in these fields.  You will go through 3 gates.

You are now above the quarry’s  so keep to the path for approximately 1/4 mile until you come to a gate in the wall to your left .

To get to the highest part of Kerridge Ridge go through the gate and climb up the hill in front of you for 1/8 mile where you will find the Trig point.Once there come back down to the gate.
Keep to the path to your right and you will drop down to the steps down to the entrance of Endon quarry. When you get to a road Cross over and go through the large metal gates down the old drive. At the bottom follow the driveway to the left past Endon house until you get to the war memorial.
This road was an old tramway bringing stone from the quarry’s down to the canal at Kerridge Wharf. You are now back on Clarke Lane take a left here and follow the road for 1/2 mile back to your start point .