Bollington Via The Macclesfield Canal

Macclesfield To Bollington

The start point for this walk is on Clarke Lane, Kerridge, Cheshire  SK10 5AH.

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Park as near as possible to the second bridge(see below) for the canal.

The walk is very easy(no hills) and a 3.5 miles round trip.

After you have parked near the bridge above ,which is the only bridge on the canal which changes sides known as a Horseshoe bridge take the straight route down (as seen above) onto the canal towpath, towards Bollington.
Walk for about 1/4 mile where you will come across Kerridge wharf ,today it is used as a drydock and marina where barges are serviced and renovated,but in the past was the main loading area for the stone (Kerridge stone) which was quarried from the ridge above and shipped all over the country ,which was brought down to the keyside my horse drawn trams,you can still see where the trams ran down the road that runs uphill behind the wharf.

Continue along the canal to the next bridge.

Before you get to the next bridge,look behind you,
and just on the bend before the wharf ,this was an area which went down in local history back in the early 1900 when
the canal burst its banks at this spot and flooded
some of the village.

whilst at the bridge Note that if you go up the steps and turn right ,here you can go down into Tinker Clough where it is said the Navi’s that built the canal set up camp whilst it was being built.

From the bridge carry on along the towpath to your right you will see a very nice house’s  Beehive cottage ,which took its name from a beehive mill which produced silk ribbons and buttons ,which stood on this site before it burnt down (see canal burst photo,first mill the mill with the chimney is Adelfi mill).further down you will come to the first cotton mill ,now used as office space for many business’s and a gym you are now at ADELFI MILL and Bollington Marina ,the chimney you can see in the picture above was at the far side of the mill but demolished in the 1970’s the bottom stones were it stood can still be seen today above a entrance way if you go down into the carpark.

Keep walking now for about 1/2 a mile to the next bridge ,from here you are crossing over the canal aqueduct over the main road in Bollington ,and onto the next Cotton mill with its large chimney still standing ,this is CLARENCE MILL,now given over to many business’s including a great cafe and our very own community radio station and Apartments,you can access the mill via the footbridge.You can also go down into the village via the road from the mill side,turn left at the bottom of the hill,for many pubs, restaurants and shops to look around. Don’t forget the climb back to the canal to carry on the walk.

Follow the towpath under the footbridge for about 100yds where you will find a wooden gate on the left go through and down the track until you meet up with the main rd by the Horseshoe bridge which forms the canal aqueduct .

Take a right here then a immediate right into Bollington recreation grounds ,when you get to the playing fields take a left over them towards the viaduct on the far side which used to carry the Macclesfield to Marple railway until 1970 when it close down ,today it is a 11 mile long bridleway between Macclesfield station and Marple Rose hill station.

On the far side go over the road into the car park and at the back you will find the path up to the top of the viaduct,take a left at the top onto the Middlewood way ,follow it for 1/2 a mile passing under one bridge and passing a stone labyrinth which is where Bollington station once stood .

Here you will have to cross a road (Grimshaw rd) and the Middlewood carry’s on through a Gate straight across the rd ,follow the single track past a small industrial area ,which used to be the sidings for the mill  ,down a wooden ramp ,back onto the old track bed at the next  bridge,now walk for a further 1/4 mile upto the last bridge on this walk and take the path up to the rd,this is Clarke Lane were you parked up and the end of your journey.