Lyme Park and Bowstones

This is one of the most worthwhile walks you can do up to Bowstones which sits right on top on the hill behind the National Trust park at Lyme park.This walk is Easy to moderate with a long gradual hill climb in the middle up to Bowstones where you will have fantastic views of the whole of Cheshire and Derbyshire behind ,and its starts at the main carpark SK12 2NX.





The walk starts at the far right side of the main car park ,where you will see a cattle grid and a large gate to the left .Keeping to the car park side of the grid follow the path to the left and enter the farmland through the gate keep to the path following the tree line,in 1/2 mile you will come to a gate into the forest behind the hall on the left follow the trail until you reach the next gate.
You are now coming out in the moorland above the park you can now take 2 tracks ,if you think the hill in front might be to much turn left and follow to the next gate which will take you to view an old hunting lodge in the woods called the Lantern .Everyone else take the path directly in from for a short hill climb up to Bowstones Farm at the top .
If you want to go and see the Bowstones once your at the top go through the large gate and follow the path over the next style and the stones which Robin Hood was said to have visited to sharpen his arrows can be found after the farm entrance on the left (100yds walk from gate).They are actually the stone shafts of Saxon crosses and several more can be found at 6 mile points along this Packhorse path that crosses the moors ,today it is more commonly known as The Gritstone Trail that ends near Kidsgrove in Staffordshire.
If you have been to the Bowstone walk back towards the large gate and re-enter the Park .Now walk uphill following the boundary wall of the farm and the Lyme estate to your right up to the trig point 1/4 mile away .from here you can see the whole of Cheshire
Manchester,Stockport and the peaks of Mam tor (see castleton) Kinder scout ,Shining tor (Goyt valley)and the Matterhorn,honestly we do have one only 8 miles from Bowstones , The Matterhorn of Cheshire or Shuttlingsloe(Macclesfield forest),all landmarks and distances can be found on the trig point which is at 1345ft.
Keep to the path by the wall you will now come to the corner of the field follow down past a small quarry ,there are now some stone steps in the wall go over these into Lantern woods.Follow the path through a few dips and climbs until you come to a clearing in the woods here you will come across a building called The Lantern,you can go inside and see the brilliant views over the whole estate.
Walk directly down hill now through into the field below after the gate turn left across the field to the left where you will come to a farm track turn right and walk as far as the next gate on your left. this will now take you back to the car park 1/2 mile away ,with spectacular views of the  gardens and Lyme hall ,beware livestock are normally in this paddock Sheep or Deer,most of the year .Keep to the path until you get back to the car park.