Macclesfield Canal Kerridge


This walk is great to see the picturesque village of kerridge and the surrounding area,taking in the old historic wharf and the abundant wildlife on the Macclesfield canal,an easy walk for anyone who has an hour or so for a quick fascinating walk.The walk starts and end at the canal bridge on Clarke Lane Kerridge SK10 5AH.





After you have parked your car on Clarke Lane Kerridge, begin the walk at the second bridge taking the first straight entrance down to the canal.  Walking North along the tow path in the direction of Kerridge wharf.
Walk for approximately 1/4 of a mile to the next bridge passing the wharf at Kerridge.  This was used for sending the stone quarried from the ridge above, and down a horse drawn tramway,the road behind the wharf is where the tracks ran.
At the next bridge Take the stone steps on the right up from the canal at Beehive Cottage.When you get to the top of the steps take a right turn behind the wall,you are now in Tinkers Clough where when the canal was being built the Navi’s had a small enclave were they camped ,if you look at the wall to your right there are small holes,these where used as small beehives hense the Name of the cottage opposite and a mill that occupied the site before it burnt down.
Return to the bridge crossing over the canal and Walking past Beehive cottage take the track to the right along the farm track for 1/2 a mile until you reach the main road through the village of Kerridge.
Take a right turn here towards the old school house, beware the footpath changes sides. Carry on up the road for 1/4 mile, up to the War Memorial and take a left here up Rally Rd.
You are now walking along the old rail beds from the quarry’s down to the wharf behind you.
On the way up you will notice a large manor to the right this is Endon Hall which gives the name to the largest quarry,and if you look carefully through the trees ,you will see its very own stone circle.
When you reach the tarmac part of the driveway, to your left is Endon House, which has a large clock face on the upper floor wall on the far side.  This is said to have been used to help the workers time keep both in the farms and quarry’s.
Both homes are named after the family which operate the oldest and largest surviving quarry on the ridge.
Continue on up the hill until you reach a T- junction.Turn left down the path to see the clock face, or right and immediately on your left between the first garden and the next house ”back house’you will see some steep steps leading up to the bridge and rd above ,climb these to follow the tramway ,and exit at the top Bridge Quarry entrance.
or carry on up the old driveway to some metal gates at the top,from there turn left and follow the road for 1/4 mile till you get to Bridge Quarry.
At this point you can look down on the village through the trees, you may also notice a chimney by the side of the road.  This is Clayton Tower and was thought to be a vent for the coal mines owned by the Clayton family in the valley.It was recently renovated and found to have no use at all so became a folly, which were very popular with the rich gentry in the 1800’s
The rest of the walk is mainly downhill ,Continue on down the road passing the tower for 100 yards.You will now see a signposted set of steep steps which will lead you down the paths taken by the quarry men who lived in the village ,at the bottom of the steps the path goes under a fallen house(mind you head)this used to be one of the Managers houses where the workers where checked in and out from the quarry above.
Keep to the path past the quarry men’s houses till you reach a tarmac driveway,turn left here going down then right at the road to the road junction.
When you reach the main rd take a left past the old school up to the cenotaph.
Here cross the rd and down the track opposite,this is the lower part of Rally Rd which carried stone from the quarry’s to the wharf.
before you reach the wharf entrance there is a gate to the left which will lead you straight across the fields,at the next gate you will be back on Clarke lane take a right back towards your start point.