Teggs Nose Summit walk

Teggs Nose from Macclesfield Forest

Teggs Nose Country park has several walks in and around the area. This is a lovely easy walk with a very gradual hill climb winding around an approx 3 mile route through the old quarry works with breathtaking views of Macclesfield Forest and Cheshire, whatever the weather.

Walking level 



2.7 Miles


This circular walk starts and ends at the visitors center car park on Buxton Old Rd, Macclesfield SK11 0AP. 

Leaving the car park and head back to the road where you will find the track up towards the park on the left follow on up to the gate entrance.

When at the gate take note of the sign aimed at naughty dogs. Go through the gate and carry on forward and at the next gate take a left up some rough steps. At the top you will start to see signs of old earthworks.

Trackway to Teggs Nose
Old Earth works



You can walk down and explore to see the wild Heather’s and Bilberrys which grow abundantly in the area.


Keeping to the path which is to the left of the earthworks carry on straight,within 300 yards you will arrive at the main Quarry area. Here on display are old cranes crushing and chopping equipment that was left over when the quarry shut down.

Machinery in the quarry

Keeping to the path you will now be able to see the main rock face of the quarry. In this area there are some steep excavations so it is advised not to venture to close. There are plenty of pathways down into them to take a closer look.

quarry face



When you have gone past the main deep quarry take the path to the left into an open excavated area full of wild gorse and heathers. Here you have a view point over Macclesfield forest and the two reservoirs,Tegg’s Nose and Bottoms which viewed from this angle look like butterfly wings.

Teggs nose and Bottoms reservoir

Keeping to the path carry on untill you reach a gate,take the path to the your right until you get to another gate. Go left here going uphill towards what looks like a stone table for a short way up to the summit (1247 feet) here you will find plenty of room to take a small break and take in the views over Cheshire.

Carry on down from the summit through a large wooden and stone circular stile. There is seating inside which may resemble an old roundhouse.  This is there to stop the livestock getting through and grazing to close to the rock faces.

seating inside
Round stile


Go through the round stile into the next field carry on downhill to the next gate .



Turn left here and the track will bring you down to the main path back towards your starting point at the cafe and car park. Please note that the quiet country road you can see passing the cafe was once the main road to Buxton,Derby all the way to London.

London mile stone