Castleton Edale Ridge Lose Hill And Mam Tor

Castleton 2
he area around Castleton has an abundance of great walks for most abilities.  Situated deep in the Hope Valley in Derbyshire.  The village is easily accessible from both sides of the Pennines.  Originally mining and farming, the town now trades mostly on tourists, due to its unspoilt beauty and of course the world famous  caverns and mines, which are open to the public throughout the year.  Noticeably  Blue John, Treakcliff, Speedwell and The Devils Arse (Peak Cavern), including Peveral Castle which looks over the town.  Each one are worth a visit when there.



But when out in farmland remember to keep your pet on a lead,and keep to the footpaths which are well defined and signposted.


Walk 2..Approx 7 miles … Castleton, Mam Tor and Lose Hill
Parking in the area can sometimes be at a premiun especially during the Peak seasons and weekends throughout the year so for these walks we will start at the main car park of S33 8WH.
From the main car park walk towards the back for the car park following the stream on the right.  Pass a few houses and this will bring you out onto a narrow road “Hollowfold Road”.  Turn left and follow the road for approximately 1 mile, keeping left at any junctions until you reach a footpath gate just before the last farm.
Go through the gate to your right and you will now start to climb the hill in front which is Lose Hill via the ancient pack horse trail you should now be on.
At the top of this part of the path take the path to the right up toward some trees.  
The path then continues on uphill until you reach the path which goes across the ridge between Hope Valley which is on your right and Edale on your left.  When you get to the top path you can either go over the style and go to the top of Loose Hill which has one of the best Cairns we have ever seen.
 Or keep left and follow the well defined path, keeping the wall to your right for 2 miles.  In front of you is Mam Tor which is 1557 ft and the highest part of the walk which you are heading for.  To your right is The Dark Peak
(Kinder Scout) the highest mountain in Derbyshire.
Keeping to the path you will pass through an area called Hollin Cross, this is where the old packhorse trails pass between Edale and Hope/Castleton.
Continue on straight, which is a gentle climb for 1 mile.  Whilst on route the track goes through a cutting.  This was once a Bronze age fort which over looked the valleys and there are two burial mounds which are now paved over at the summit trig point.
The rest of the walk is all downhill from here back into the village. Take the steps down from the summit and through some gates back down to the road below.
When you reach the road directly opposite there is another gate.  Go through and cross the field to the far end and turn left when you get to the road.
Take the first road on the right, which is sign posted for Castleton.  You are now at the head of Winnats Pass.  
Continue on down the road for 1 mile until you reach the bottom at Speedwell Caverns .You are now passing between two huge coral reefs which were formed millions of years ago when this area was actually on the equator.  If you look some of the rock contains fossilized shells and fish.
When you reach speedwell you can take a path on the right of the road after the cavern.  This will take you through Cave Dale behind Peveral Castle and into the village, or you can follow the road back to the car park.
————————————————————————————————————————–This walk is dedicated to our Dog Barney who sadly passed on to doggy heaven a few days after this walk,12 great years of exploring and adventures xxx.